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updating nameservers

As most of the opticians using the Prince Software are closed today and tomorrow, we are taking the opportunity to do some maintenance on our webserver. Infact we are chaning the namesevers for the domain hannahprince.co.uk/wp-cont This should not effect any users of our system but we are doing it now to be on...
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Fame At Last

Prince have finally made it on to the big screen (very bottom rung of the ladder).  Check out this clip from Optrafair TV and wait 20 seconds or so for the star appearance.  Obviously all that media training came in handy.  No, the star appearance isn't the Storm Troopers, it's Prince director, Terry Woodhouse - although you may say that he...
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Not All Work?

So this is the start of the marathon stretch of Bank Holidays! How does this effect your business, do opticians open on Good Fridays or Royal Wedding Days?  We'd be intereested to know if you will be opening your opticians practice on any of the 4 bank/public holidays. If you do are you busier than normal or...
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